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Porsche Promo Box

German engineered cars deserve a German engineered promotion box. Porsche sent these boxes to prospective dealerships, in hopes that they will add Porsche to their front line. The box highlights various marketing materials and swag that Porsche subsidizes and sells on their Partner Network website. The copy is simple and thought provoking – Why stop there? I believe this is a play on their competition. Other auto manufactures probably only provide basic swag like a notebook and pen. The Porsche swag features golf umbrellas, Christmas ornament, posters, nice paper bags, coat hangers, reveal clothes, flags, DVDs, letterhead, business card holders, etc. Swag is important – even more important is high quality swag. These boxes easily cost a few hundred dollars each, but the ROI must be huge if even 1 dealership joins.

The first thing you notice is the gloss UV coating that gives the front photo a perfect shine – looks like fresh paint on the cars. The black front flap is held down by 3 magnets that are hidden between the cardstock. Magnetic flaps add to the premium feel. Level 1 features a notebook and pen that are held down by nylon string. Level 2 features a brochure printed with strikethrough on pearlized stock and paper bag in the lid cavity. The base of the box has cavity slots for a coffee plate, espresso cup, microfiber cloth, flash light, candle, coasters and champagne glass. Overall I think it’s a masterpiece.

Basic Specs:

The specs on this piece are extensive. Due to the size of the box it requires multiple die lines. It’s printed on a cardstock, say 14 – 16 pt with UV coating overall. If you’re interested I have a few samples.

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