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Email Campaigns

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Opportunity and Goal

Traditionally, Envision3 relied on sales representatives to drive new business via cold calling and door-to-door sales, so email marketing was a new frontier. Facing a shrinking salesforce with the sales volume staying relevantly constant, the sales team needed efficient and effective ways to reach out to prospects and clients. The goal of this passive selling tool was to keep Envision3 sales reps front-of-mind and save time and money.



In conjunction with the Sweet Idea Due blog, daily print product emails were designed to give customers exposure to creative ideas and inspiration for their marketing projects. Each email featured a collage of pictures with links to a blog post. After a subscriber base was established, the blog posts and emails transitioned to one time per week. Promotional emails were used to create interaction between the customer and salesperson through an invitation to request premium print samples that were featured on the blog. The salesperson would then schedule a time to stop by and meet with the client. As part of quarterly corporate communications, email campaigns were developed featuring company news, special discounts, and service offerings. Corporate emails were personalized with variable contact information and a photo of the salesperson.

My Contributions

  • Setup MailChimp account with segmented mailing lists, branding, and template emails

  • Setup Campaign Monitor with segmented mailing lists, branding, and template emails for corporate communications

  • Designed graphics for all artwork in emails

  • Managed lists which included importing original data set, segmenting, updating subscriber information, and removing subscribers

  • Organized of all digital assets including logos, salesperson headshots, and artwork

  • Built emails with variable data including salutation, industry-specific info, client specific info, salesperson information and images, and more

  • Tested emails before campaigns launched to ensure links worked, check viewability on different displays and experience subject lines

  • Wrote all copy, created themes and calls to action

  • Setup automation for introductory emails and other triggered actions

  • Created microsites to collect information via an online form

  • Tracked and reported performance including subscribers/unsubscribers, clicks, opens, shares, and hard/soft bounces


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