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Taubensee Steel & Wire Co.

Flagship Brochure

Client Overview

Taubensee Steel & Wire Company is a family-owned steel manufacturing company based in Chicago, IL. Taubensee’s steel products fueled the production of appliances, automobiles, farm equipment, precision machines, and furniture in post-WWII America. Today they are the third largest cold drawn steel manufacturer in the country with revenues exceeding $80 million.


Problem and Goal

Taubensee needed to refresh their brand and generate a new flagship brochure for an upcoming 70th-anniversary celebration. Their existing marketing collateral looked about seventy years old, which was precisely the problem. Many steel buyers are retiring and being replaced with young, less knowledgeable junior level buyers. Taubensee needed a story that would resonate with the younger customers and an attractive, modern marketing design.



Envision3 conducted group and individual interviews with management to learn about Taubensee’s competitive advantage and corporate history. A few on-site tours helped us understand the manufacturing process from start to finish. We refined theme to focus on the excellent relationships Taubensee builds with customers through responsive, dependable service.


A Better Experience.
Commitment never takes a day off.


Taubensee's flagship brochure introduces a contemporary American manufacturing story with dramatic product photos, a new color palette, specialty UV printing and an economic stepped layout. Customer testimonials on each product page tie in the overarching theme of customer service. Taubensee continues to expand their sales force despite uncertain steel markets. This brochure was the first of many investments in their rejuvenated brand.


My Contributions

  • Prospected and pitched Envision3 creative services to Taubensee VP of Marketing

  • Facilitated all communication between the client and creative team

  • Presented the creative brief, cover designs, and final product

  • Developed and pitched stepped layout concept and created paper mockups

  • Worked with pressman to engineer UV printing effects to enhance steel product photography

  • Assisted in art direction and copywriting

  • Managed creative assets such as photography, proofs, logos, and vector artwork

  • Led brainstorming sessions and interviews for the creative brief

  • Coordinated print quotes, production schedule, color proofs, and delivery instructions

  • Gathered and delivered final low res, high res, and native artwork to Taubensee 

  • Contributed to the development of tagline and theme


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