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Google Adwords + LinkedIn Campaigns

Leaf Mailer Advertisement

Campaign Overview

At the onset of the blog, I ran several Google AdWord campaigns to drive traffic to the site and ultimately secure new subscribers. I targeted keywords such as "Online Marketing Video," "Augmented Reality," "Advertising Marketing Media," "Advertising Marketing Services," "Marketing Strategy," and "Marketing Campaigns." Once the ad was clicked, it would bring the user to the blog post associated with that ad. As they started scrolling, a pop up would ask them to subscribe.


The Leaf Mailer Ad was the most successful campaign with 1,000 clicks, 50,000 impressions at a 2% CTR. Most of the ads were run on YouTube. Once a user was on the site, the conversion rate was 3%. The campaigns ran for the first few months, but organic growth continues today with hundreds of views per week.

Leaf Mailer Advertisement

Campaign Overview

LinkedIn provided the best industry and job specific criteria selectors.  I targeted marketing professionals between 25 and 50 years old in the Chicago, IL area. There were over 50 job titles that I selected and 30 companies. Promoted content ads were the best option in terms of size because my content is mostly pictures. Promoted/sponsored content adds show up in a user's news feed, and the posts mix in with content from your connection network. 


Unlike Google AdWords, LinkedIn does not have the ability to set up a click-through link on a picture. When clicked, the picture becomes fullscreen. Also, clicking the image is a billable click. Essentially, I paid to have someone look at an image. Some individuals clicked on the link or the logo. The link directed them to the blog post, and the logo directed them to the company LinkedIn page. After a few rounds of advertisements, I had gained under 10 followers on LinkedIn and a handful of email subscribers. Many of these clicks never converted. I opted for Google Adwords, which at the time were cheaper and performing better. LinkedIn advertising was not a good fit for this project, but I will use it for other applications in the future.





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