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New Year Direct Mail Campaign

Company Overview

USADATA is a $30 million marketing agency based in New York City. They specialize in lead gen and data acquisition, as well as full digital marketing services. SL360 is their flagship product that allows their customers to query data lists through an easy-to-use online platform. I’ve been purchasing data through SL360 for over 3 years.


Problem and Goal

USADATA wanted to start off the year with an attention-grabbing direct mail piece that featured a coupon code. In previous years, they had used an A6 envelope with a small booklet and card. After seeing a few of my blog posts, they asked if I would help them come up with an innovative direct mailer idea. In addition to being interactive, they wanted the mailer to focus on the brand and give the client something they would likely keep at their desk.



This concept was the first and only direct mail piece developed for them, and they loved it. I designed an outer sleeve that featured their PMS blue with a portion of the logo die cut to function as a window reveal of the New York skyline. The coupon code card falls as you slide out the interior brochure, which draws attention to the promotion. The nice calendar and NYC skyline photo increased the chances that the client would pin it up. We kept the size at 6 x 9 so that we could get letter sized postage. Instead of a bland envelope, we mailed these in a clear postal approved polybag.


My Contributions

  • Created mockups, prototypes, photos, and videos

  • Presented concept to stakeholders at USADATA

  • Provided art direction

  • Acquired print and mailing estimates

  • Developed print production timeline, mail processing schedule and expected in-home delivery date

  • Managed production, which included serving the digital, color, and die-cut proofs, communicating status updates, coordinating postage payments, arranging samples to be sent to the corporate office, and confirming final shipment

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