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Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses

Annual Conference Invitation 2016


Client Overview

The Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses (APHON) is a $3 million professional association that provides continuing education, networking, advocacy, and news for nurses that care for children and young adults battling cancer and blood disorders. 


Opportunity and Goal

In fall of 2016, APHON planned to reveal their new brand and logo at their annual conference. They wanted to build up the hype with a creative invitation that would impress the significance of the conference and new brand. The recipient should feel like they "can't miss out."


Solution and Results

Following the reveal theme, APHON gladly accepted the invitation concept called the Double Swinger Fold. The invitation literally opens up to reveal the inside of the card. There are several spreads and angles created by the die cuts and folds, which required a high level of design skill and creativity. The final product was better than anyone anticipated. It's hard to measure the total effect of this marketing piece because it goes beyond attendance. Attendance was higher than usual, but many people complimented the invitation, saying it was beautiful. This was a perfect segue into the new brand.

My Contribution

  • Developed circular double swinger fold concept

  • Generated prototypes and paper mockups

  • Presented three concepts to the client

  • Acquired print, mailing, and postage estimates

  • Provided art direction and die line layouts

  • Scheduled production calendar to account for target in-home date

  • Oversaw production which included providing color, digital and mockup proofs, merging mailing lists and delivering ready files to mail house, solving an impromptu issue with the circular die-cut bleed

  • Coordinated delivery of samples to the client

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