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Promo Self-Mailer Box​

AMC, Envision3, WorldPoint


Client Overview

Association Management Center (AMC) is a $25 million administrative consulting services company that specializes in the management of professional associations for the healthcare industry. AMC manages over 28 associations by providing financial and accounting services, membership sales, full creative services by an in-house agency, board leadership training, and publication writing.


Envision3 is a $15 million marketing service provider and commercial printing company based in the Chicago area. They specialize in high-end UV printing, digital printing, direct mail, die cutting and full bindery services, as well as a full-service, in-house agency. With a well-diversified client portfolio, Envision3 grew during the recession by acquiring struggling print manufacturing companies.


WorldPoint is a $30 million trauma and emergency response education distributor. As one of the top resellers of American Heart Association literature, they specialize in bleeding control and respiration training supplies such as mannequins, tourniquets, dressing, and defibrillators. WorldPoint helps save lives across the world.


Opportunity and Goal

AMC was developing their association consulting services for organizations that were not necessarily under their corporate umbrella. They needed to develop a high quality follow up piece to send to prospective clients after sales presentations.


Envision3 had recently acquired a packaging company called Marketing4, which added die cutting to the list of service offerings. As part of a merger announcement campaign, they needed to develop something that demonstrated the new capabilities in a personal way.


WorldPoint added a new salesperson for their California region, who brought over new customers. In support of the transition, they needed to send out an introductory promotional piece that would impress these new customers.


All three companies utilized this compact, promotional box to send clients/prospects a small gift of appreciation.


AMC wanted to send their prospects something they would save and would stand as a perpetual advertisement in their office. They opted to send a premium microfiber cloth with a unique mini stepped brochure.


Envision3 developed a campaign theme around coffee. Inside was a $15 Starbucks gift card, and a variable z-fold card. The card had variable fields for the recipients' first names and company names, as well as the salesperson's contact information and headshot. The box was also personalized with the recipient's name on the coffee cup in a handwritten font.

WorldPoint helps save lives, so they chose a lifesaver shaped stress squeeze toy. With most of their sales coming from online ordering, this campaign featured a free shipping promotion. The inside tray had the salesperson's name, contact info, and headshot.

My Contributions

  • Presented promo box concept to clients

  • Developed stepped layout concept for mini brochure (AMC)

  • Secured print, mailing, and postage costs

  • Gained efficiencies for clients by using same layouts and corrugated board

  • Advised on promotional gift ideas

  • Provided art direction and die lines to graphic designer

  • Tested boxes through the postal system to make sure promo products did not fall out

  • Solved an engineering issue with the box so that the lifesaver promo gift could securely fit inside (WorldPoint)

  • Segmented mailings list for promo mailing (Envision3)

  • Supplied customers with NCOA and CASS certified results (e.g. duplicates, nixies, changed addresses). 

  • Coordinated delivery of samples to client

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