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T Cross Die-Cut, Self-Mailer


Pharmacy Association 2017

Radiological Society of

North America


Pharmacy Association 2018

Client Overview

Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA) is a $5 million professional association for hematology and oncology pharmacists. They provide education, networking, and industry news to pharmacy practitioners in pursuit of optimized care for cancer patients.


Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is a $65 million international professional association with more than 54,000 members. They impact the radiological community through research, news, continuing education, networking, grants, and informatics-based software. RSNA produces two premier peer-reviewed journals: Radiology is the most influential scientific journal in the field and Radiographics is the only journal for continuing education for radiologists. Through the RSNA R&E Foundation, more than $2.8 billion in grants for research and education have been awarded.


Opportunity and Goal 

HOPA's annual conference is a gathering of over 1,000 pharmacists both members and prospective members, which makes it the single most important event of the year. The conference is critical to the organization because it gives them an opportunity to sell continuing education services and encourage membership signups and renewals. HOPA relies on an integrated direct mail and email campaign to prompt members to sign up for the conference. With attendance down in 2016, HOPA decided to pick a prime location at Disneyland Hotel in California. They needed a direct mail piece that was interactive and creative to capture the invitees' attention.


RSNA raises funds for radiological research in the form of grants to doctoral students. The R&E Foundation sends out quarterly newsletters and special direct mail appeals to encourage generosity from its professional membership, many of whom received important funds for their work. During the recession, donations had shrunk year after year, so RSNA was eager to renew fundraising efforts. Instead of a standard letter mailing, they wanted a direct mail piece that would stand out as cutting-edge and experiential, with the goal of reactivating lapsed donors and adding on first-time donors.

Solution and Results

The direct mail concept that emerged was named the T Cross Mailer. This postal-approved, die-cut, self-mailer was a first of its kind, so as to standout to the recipient. With multiple panels and spreads, the ability to tell a story was increased by controlling the order of what the recipient would see and read. Both HOPA and RSNA utilized the side panels to highlight member feedback. RSNA had a remission envelope securely soft-glued to the center panel. By both organizations utilizing the same layout, they were able to save considerable monies due to setup costs for the die line.


HOPA experienced record turn out to their 2017 and 2018 annual conferences, and RSNA was able to meet the donation goal that year with many new, first-time donors.


My Contribution

  • Consulted clients on direct mail strategies for event invitations and fundraising appeals

  • Presented several qualified direct mail options which included generating print, mailing services, and postage costs, creating physical samples, and leading brainstorming sessions

  • Provided art direction for design layouts

  • Supplied die lines to the graphic designer

  • Secured approval by the post office for layout

  • Worked with an outside company to create a solution for gluing RSNA remission envelope

  • Oversaw production process which included delivering clean mailing list to mail house, supplying the customer with color and mockup proofs, delivering postage invoice to the client, securing postage payment prior to mailing, coordinating two separate drop dates (HOPA), and planning in-home delivery dates

  • Delivered to the client the NCOA and CASS certification results (e.g. duplicates, nixies, changed address)

  • Coordinated delivery of samples to the client.

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