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Wheaton Stepped Brochure

Wheaton Academy launched a Science and Technology Initiative to improve the school’s current academic offerings. They were seeking $10 million to build a new facility and fund student scholarships. This conservative religious school, nestled in an upper middle class Chicago suburb, has a solid local donor base of alumni and religious business owners. Rule 29 worked to develop the graphics and copy on this project.

This oblong brochure features stepped pages that are color coated for quick referencing. It’s like a color and unique table of contents. In order to stitch this book you have to cut and fold the pages in a staggered way. Experience is key for these types of projects because if you’re off even 1/8 inch it will be very noticeable on the steps. UV gloss and dull varnishes build contrast between the photos and the background. Samples are available.

Basic Specs:Paper80 lb. Velvet CoverPages12 page self coverInk4c/4c + UV Matte and Gloss VarnishSizeFlat: 20 x 8.5 |Final: 11 x 8.5ProcessCut, Score, Fold, Stitch

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