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Trump Hotel Chicago Brochure

In 2007, I remember Bill Rancic, the winner of the Apprentice, choosing to oversee the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago construction project. The five-star hotel is right on the Chicago River with a view of Lake Michigan. It has a unique setback/stepped design with over 339 hotel rooms, 486 luxury condos. You can’t skimp on marketing when you invest $847 million in building a 98 stories skyscraper.

This brochure is announcing the new Trump Hotel. It conveys opulence with a clear foil stamped doily pattern on a specialty blue pearlized paper stock. Although it appears to be embossed, the texture is from the clear foil. Body pages feature building, room, bar and spa shots on high gloss paper. The inside back cover has a small pocket with business cards slits. This gaudy piece shines and shimmers but definitely fits in the Trump brand.

Basic Specs:Paper130 lb. Blue Pearlized CoverPages12 page + 4 page coverInkCover: 1/1 PMS Silver + Clear Foil Stamp | Body: 4c/4c + Overall Gloss UVSizeFlat: 12.5 x 9.25 | Final: 6.25 x 9.25ProcessDie Cut, Trip, Hand Glue; Cut to Size Body Pages; Stitch; Final Trim to Size

Trump Hotal Brochure

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