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The Fairmont Brochure

The Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are equally known for their beautiful properties, luxurious interiors and historical events. Founded in 1907, Fairmont strategically expanded to 5 key cities starting in San Francisco, CA moving east towards Chicago, IL. This iconic American Hotel brand was acquired in 2015 by AccorHotel Group, a multi-billion dollar luxury hotel conglomerate based in France.

The artwork is simple and classy with a fresh linen sheet texture in the background. I could see this laying next to the bed and matching the color of the bed sheets. There are three tabs on each side allowing you to navigate to the various locations. It has a unique bilateral opening feature that is created by the accordion fold. This allows you to open the brochure via tabs on both the right and left. Extremely clever piece.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Gloss CoverInk4c/4c + PMS Red + GoldSizeFlat: 22.375 x 9.25 | Final: 3.875 x 9.25ProcessDie Cut; Accordion Fold By Hand

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