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Stepped Accordion Brochure

Craft & Trade is a faux brand created by premium uncoated paper company Domtar. See other Domtar projects here. Craft & Trade sells modern, handmade, vintage artisan products like rugs, pillows, glassware and more. This brochure allows the imagery to do the selling. It features a stepped accordion fold that opens up a string of beautiful product shots. Unlike most stepped brochures, there’s no copy on the steps. The steps reveal different colors and patterns that invite the reader to flip through. Very interesting piece.

Basic Specs:Paper80 lb. Cougar Natural Super Smooth Finish TextInk4c/4c + Overall Dull VarnishSizeFlat: 24.125 x 7.25 | Final: 5.25 x 7.25ProcessCut, Accordion Fold

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