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Sprint Calculator Mailer

Okay, everyone pull out your calculators. Sprint is gunna save your company some money. The Mobility-As-A-Service campaign is in full swing, reminding us to say goodbye to headaches related to broken/old devices, fluctuating headcount, cash flow and device setup. It’s a steady fee per month per employee. You might remember the first mailing from a few weeks back – Sprint Iron Cross Mailer.

This mailer is about the size of a calculator with embossed buttons. Soft touch coating adds to the textile experience. The calculator theme is carried into the main spread with a thumb pull tab that allows you to compare MaaS vs Mobility as Usual. This types of direct mail pieces are fun to receive in the mail. Great interactivity and copy messaging.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Silk CoverInk4c/4c + Soft Touch AqueousSizeFlat: 24.125 x 8 | Inside Spread: 12.125 x 8 | Final: 6 x 8ProcessEmboss; Die Cut; Strip; Fold, Glue, Insert Tab Sheet and Final Glue; Spot Glue; Sort, Tray and Mail

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