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Shire Adderall Brochure

Here’s a brochure that was made for people with ADHD…literally. Instead of listening to the doctor, the patient is likely to thumb through this brochure because of the cool, convenient stepped thumb tabs on the right side. Pharmaceutical companies are known for big advertising budgets – not surprising they don’t pull out the stops on their drug literature.

This custom die cut brochure has a unique, circular die cut that narrows on each consecutive page. Each step is a different shade of orange that compliments the entire piece. The back cover has a sleeve for the prescription information.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 80 lb. Gloss Cover | Body: 70 lb. Gloss TextInk4c/4c + Gloss AqueousSize9 x 4 opens to 9 x 8 with a cover flat size 12.5 x 8ProcessDie cut; Strip; Hand glue pocket/sleeve; Stitch; Trim to final size; Round corner

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