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Sappi Iron Cross Mailer

Their job is a difficult one: to convince marketers that print is not dying. Sappi does a good job at reminding us that receiving something in the mail can still inspire and capture our attention more than email or a banner ad. Here’s how they do it…

Premium paper + silk varnish + soft touch coating + raised UV + die cut + cross fold = a keeper. I keep most of the mail sappi sends me but this piece stands out from the rest. One thing to note: You still need good copy, graphics and creative direction to deliver an awesome piece marketing piece. Sappi does that well too.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. McCoy Silk CoverInk4c/4c + PMS + Spot Silk Varnish + Spot Soft-Touch Aqueous Coating + Spot Raised UV CoatingSize9 x 7 opens up to 24.5 x 27

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