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Ralph Lauren Embossed Brochure

In 2015, Ralph Lauren introduced a drawstring bag into the Ricky Collection. The Ricky Collection includes various bags for women that feature the signature Ricky push lock. These bags range from $1,750 to $18,500, which is why Ralph Lauren’s estimated net worth is pushing $8 Billion. The utmost attention to detail on marketing literature is required to ensure this legendary brand maintains its value.

This brochure features a stunning embossed cover that mimics a luxurious alligator skin. Gold foil stamping marks the front and back covers with the iconic brand name. Interior pages are printed on a premium uncoated stock giving it a warm, soft feel. The pictures say it all so there really isn’t a need for copy. Every detail is controlled – notice the edges of the pages are colored gold to match the gold foil and the staples are black to blend in with the dark alligator skin.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 130 lb. Gloss Cover Mounted to 110 lb. Uncoated Text |

Body: 110 lb. Uncoated TextInkCover: Gold Foil Stamp | Body: 4c/4c + PMS Metallic GoldSizeFlat: 12.375 x 8.25 | Final: 6.1875 x 8.25ProcessEmboss; Foil Stamp; Die Cut and Strip; Mount Cover Pages; Stitch with Black Wire

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