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Propel Die Cut Postcard

Propel was one of the first low calorie fitness water beverages to make it big. In 2006, they introduced powder mixes and a variety of new flavors. They were a pioneer of the fitness drink industry with arguably one of the most iconic bottle shapes ever. Later that would change as the industry shifted to be more conscientious of the environment causing Propel to drop the bottle.

In the summer of 2006, they launched a massive EDDM campaign with a custom die cut propel bottle and pull off coupon. It highlights the variety of flavors, vitamins and low calorie benefits. The rigid vinyl feels like the plastic of the propel bottle and the transparency makes it look real. There is a small slit to help you remove the coupon. In order to print on both sides of a clear substrate, the printer must complete multiple passes of opaque white to block the light from passing through.

Basic Specs:Paper20 MIL Rigid Clear VinylInk4cUV/4cUV + Multiple Hits of Opaque WhiteSize14.75 x 3.5ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Tray by Carrier Route, Mail

Blog Propel Die Cut Clear Vinyl Postcard

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