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Premier Security Velcro Book

At the time this book was produced, the founder, Debby Levy,  still owned Premier Security Corp. The Chicagoland area is filled with many attractions, shopping malls, high profile individuals, corporate headquarters that all need security services like access control, theft deterrence, electronic monitoring, visitor management, executive protection and more.  Premier met that need and grew to a multi-million dollar operation. The company was recognized as one of the top women owned companies in country. She now sits as the Chairman of the Board.

This brochure is a flagship piece that was used in high level sales meetings with executives and owners of companies. Immediately you notice the shield shape die cut on the cover. This book feels secure with thick cover stock that is bound with screws. Velcro holds down a flap on the front cover. Body pages are full of large images and well written copy. This is a very unique brochure that really leaves an impression of strength and professionalism.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 110 lb. Matte Cover | Body: 100 lb. Matte CoverPages22 pg + coverInk4c/4cSizeFlat: 23.5 x 8.5 | Final: 11 x 8.5 OblongProcessDie Cut and Strip Covers; Collate; Drill 2 Holes; Hand Affix Chicago Screws; Apply Velcro; Fold

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