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Orangepeel Marketing Brochure

Orangepeel Marketing can be credited with the creative and design for several of the pieces on this site including: Du Pont Flower Brochure and Du Pont Brochure 2013. The company is owned and operated by Candy McCray, who I proclaim as a print marketing genius (whatever my opinion is worth). Unlike many marketing firms, Orangepeel doesn’t mark up print, they invoice for print at cost.

If you couldn’t read the brochure, you’d think it was a brochure for citrus farmers associations. The themes are clean, zesty, sweet, simple, delicious. This stitched brochure has a circular die cut on the front cover and body pages. It features spot uv dull and gloss varnishes that give depth to the texture on the orange slices. Great brochure that really showcases how Orangepeel can design epic print pieces.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Sterling Premium Dull CoverInk4cUV/4cUV + Spot Gloss and Dull UV VarnishSizeFlat: 7 x 14 | Final: 7 x 7ProcessDie Cut; Fold; Hand Stitch

Orangepeel Die Cut Brochure

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