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Office Max Iron Cross Brochure

To promote their 2014 Office Products Catalog, OfficeMax developed a brochure that highlights 7 major product categories relevant to office managers: pens, filing folds, cleaning supplies, binders, staplers and hole punchers, ink and toner and furniture. OfficeMax presents their brand as a high quality and performance, aesthetically designed and cutting edge technology office supplier as compared to name brands.

Iron Cross folds give 4 different spreads and 8 separate square panels to present products. This setup is ideal for featuring separate product categories. The square size makes the brochure seem well organized because it’s symmetric and the opening process is methodical. Square pieces are rare because they are less efficient from a print manufacturing standpoint. OfficeMax decided to do a UV gloss coating on all product shots, which makes them standout and shine. Budget conscientious office managers will resonate with this piece because it says “Our generic products hit every category and you lose nothing in quality.” Great job!

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Gloss CoverInk4c/4c + Strikethrough UV Matte Varnish + Overall Gloss UV CoatingSizeFlat: 20.75 x 20.75 | Final: 7 x 7ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Hand Fold

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