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Marlboro Menthol Premium Mailer

Marlboro has been pioneering loyalty programs for decades. I love these contests because the prizes are always legit. In the Spring of 2017, they launched this contest to promote their top shelf methanol tobacco blends. I was a fan of the Smooths. This sweepstakes resulted in 118,560 prizes worth $1.8 million. The top prize was a $10,000 travel certificate. After a trip like that I think you’d be a pretty loyal customer.

Basic SpecsMailerBrochureCoupon CardsPaper100 lb. Gloss Cover80 lb. Gloss Cover80 lb. Gloss CoverInk3c/3c + Spot UV Gloss Coating5c/5c + Strikethrough Matte UV Varnish + Gloss UV Coating5c/5c + Spot Gloss UV CoatingSizeFlat: 14.125 x 10.125 | Final: 8.125 x 5.375Flat: 16.375 x 5 | Final: 7.8125 x 5Flat: 7.8125 x 8.9375 | Final: 7.8125 x 4.5ProcessDie Cut, Strip Mailer; Cut, Score, Fold Brochure; Perforate, Trim to Size, Fold Coupons; Hand Insert and Glue Shut; Inkjet, Sort, Tray, Mail

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