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Macy’s Star Rewards Self-Mailer

Macy’s is renaming and restructuring their rewards program perhaps to boost online sales. It’s a 3 tiered program with Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. The eligibility is based on how much you spend in one year: Silver ($499 or less), Gold ($500 to $1,199) and Platinum ($1,200+). Gold gets you free shipping with no minimum and Platinum adds 5% back rewards on all purchases. Free shipping is key for online sales –  I’m sure they will see a lot of people get over the $500 amount.

The metallic silver flap gives a premium look before you open the mailer. Black and white imagery is consonant with the classy Macy’s brand. This mailer rolls out to a 3 panel spread. The center panel highlights the new benefits and folds upward on a perforation to show the terms and conditions of the program. Last but not least, the final panel has 4 tipped on coupon cards.

Basic Specs:MailerCouponPaper80 lb. Matte Text12 pt. Matte C2SInk4PMS/4PMS (Black, Silver Mettalic, Blue, Red)2PMS/2PMS (Black + Silver)SizeFlat: 19 x 8.375 | Final: 8.375 x 62.25 x 3.125ProcessTrim To Size; Perforate Center Panel; Tip On Cards and Perforated Sheet; Roll Fold; Glue Shut; Sort, Tray and Mail

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