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Luxury Apartment Brochure

AMLI brand speaks to successful urban professionals in their 20s and 30s. It’s an upscale lifestyle brand of apartments in major cities across the US including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle. It was recently acquired by a $33 Billion Morgan Stanely fund. AMLI Buckhead city apartments are located in downtown Atlanta. This sophisticated brochure features a grommet and string closure. It takes a little bit of effort to open but builds anticipation for what is inside. Beautiful lifestyle photos and amenity  call-outs take over the main spread with a property map on the backside. Soft touch coating gives the brochure a premium velvet feel. The accordion fold makes the piece interactive and allows the copy writers tell a story across various spreads. Great piece!

Basic SpecsPaper80 lb. Sterling Dull CoverInk4c/4c + Soft Touch Lamination 2 SidesSizeFlat: 8 x 25.5 | Final: 4 x 8ProcessDie Cut; Grommet and Affix Button + String; Accordion + Right Angle Fold

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