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LaSalle Plastic Mailer

The LaSalle Network, no relation to La Salle University, is a group of professional recruiting and staffing agencies. Their network covers Accounting and Finance, Office Services, Call Center, HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Sales and C-Level Executives. The west coast is attracting more and more young talent for career opportunities as well as the lifestyle it affords. San Francisco is a great city to move an established recruiting operation because it’s packed full of millennials and tech start ups. The LaSalle Network mailed out this announcement at the beginning of the football season to their both companies and individuals they’ve worked with.

Custom Marketing Mail is a USPS category for mail that cannot go through their automated machines. There are a lot of reasons why a mail piece may not meet the machinability requirements but a few basics are aspect ratio, straight edges and material. This piece was printed on a rigid clear vinyl and die cut to the shape of the Bear’s and 49er’s helmets. Obviously they had to get a license to use the professional football teams’ logos. The ability to associate your company with a professional team is powerful. It’s proven that brand loyalty and fan loyalty can work together – that’s why their is so much money in sports advertising and sponsorship. If you send me something with the Bear’s logo on it, I’m gunna keep it.

Basic Specs:Paper15 MIL Clear VinylInk4c/4c + Multiple Hits of Opaque WhiteSize9.75 x 4.25ProcessDie cut; Strip; Inkjet Address; Sort, Tray, Mail

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