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ibid Stepped Brochure

One of the original stock photography companies, ibid was known for it’s artistic, high quality images used by elite Art and Creative Directors. It’s inability to adapt to new technology and the marketplace during a period where the  internet made images cheaper and more accessible, drove them out of business over 10 years ago. Thousands of images live on as the legacy of ibid.

We’re all familiar with stepped brochures but usually they run 1 one direction – either vertically or horizontally. This brochure features steps in both directions expanding out from the square shaped first panel to a full size sheet. There’s only 2 phrases on this brochure: company name and website. There are so many different things you could do with the artwork that would interact with the stepped pages but notice how the ibid logo is visible in the lower left hand corner as you flip through the first series of pages. Extremely unique piece that avoids costly die cutting but still delivers a interactive experience. I’d love to print a project like this.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Gloss CoverPages32 pg self coverSizeFinal Size: 8 x 11 Cover: Flat Size- 11.5 x 11 (2.5 inch black flap) Body 1: Flat Size- 13.25 x 11 (5.25 x 7 inch square page) Body 2: Flat Size- 14.125 x 11 (6.125 x 8 inch square page) Body 3: Flat Size- 15 x 11 (7 x 9.0625 inch square page) Body 4: Flat Size- 15.625 x 11 (7.625 x 10 inch square page) Body 5–7: Flat Size- 16 x 11 normal pagesInk4c/4cProcessDie Cut; Fold; Stitch with 3 stitches; Trim to final Size

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