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HelloFresh Iron Cross Self Mailer

The US meal-kit industry has a new king…HelloFresh. They have just surpassed Blue Aprons, claiming 36% market share. If you’re on their mailing list, like I am, you know how much direct mail they do. And their stuff isn’t cheap – usually features tipped on code cards and large letter sized mailers that unfold in unique ways. This mailer is one of the more interesting ones. It features an iron cross shape but the horizontal panels are separate pieces that are glued onto the body of the mailer. They utilize a perforation at the base so that it folds out.

SpecsPaper80 lb. Matte CoverInk4c/4c + Satin Aqueous CoatingSizeFlat Size: 27.25 x 18.75 | Final Size: 10.0625 x 5.9375ProcessCut To Size, Perforate, Spot Glue, Inkjet Address, Sort, Tray, Mail

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