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GLS Program

The Global Leadership Summit is hosted by the Willow Creek Association at over 675 sites in 125 counties and 59 languages…and growing. They bring in dynamic speakers from academia, public and private businesses, non-profits and religious organizations to speak on relevant topics for organizational leaders. GLS has a reputation of excellence and attendees expect the best.

In order to build the hype, this brochure is as unique and dynamic as the speakers. Stepped pages invite you to open to see what’s underneath. The double parallel fold creates many ways to open, read and digest this brochure, which makes it fun to explore what’s on each page. As you extend the brochure out to its full length, it gives the impression of the largeness of the speakers and the event itself. Expansive.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Gloss CoverInk4c/4cSizeFinal Size: 10.5 x 6 opens up to 39 x 6ProcessCut, Score, Double Parallel Fold

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