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EIIA Brochure Folder

Protests, shootings, sexual assaults, and more, make colleges a difficult place to manage risk. Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA) assists small liberal arts colleges manage emergency situations, insurance, and payroll services. They service over $18 billion in property insurance, $1 billion in payroll, and provide insurance to 140,000 teachers and 79,000 students. I’m sure business is booming for EIIA in this current state of unrest at American universities.

This brochure is a square shaped, quasi pocket folder with brochures nested inside. The front features a undersized, rounded flap that opens to the right. There is a four pager stitched into the center of the piece with graphics that carry the theme and colors really well. The final spread has a center panel with a rounded pocket that contains 3 bifold brochures and a UV fly sheet. This compact piece delivers a comprehensive presentation of the organization. Great leave behind.

Basic Specs:Pocket FolderBrochureFly SheetPaper100 lb. Dull Cover100 lb. Dull Text28 lb. UV Ultra IIInk4c/4c + Satin Aqueous4c/4c + Satin Aqueous4c/4cSizeFlat: 26 x 8.5 | Final: 8.5 x 8.5Flat: 15.375 x 7.5 | Final: 7.6875 x 7.58.375 x 7.75ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Glue Pocket Folder; Stitch Body Pages into Pocket Folder; Trim and Fold Brochure; Cut to size Fly Sheet; Gather, Collate, Insert all parts into Pocket; Final Fold

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