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Education Die Cut Self-Mailer

Domtar is $5.1 billion international paper manufacturer known for their premium uncoated paper. Like most paper companies, they produce high-end samples to showcase their paper. Domtar chose Cougar in this faux brand sample for higher education clients. This sample improved my concept of using uncoated paper and the Cougar brand overall.

Printed on a super smooth finish, this brochure/mailer feels like it has soft touch coating; however it’s much lighter and doesn’t feel heavy from a coating. The final size is small, so you don’t really know what you’re getting into when it opens. As you open the brochure, there is a lot going on: 1) die cut on the right 2) stepped tabs 3) artwork interplay between spreads. The brochure opens to the left creating spread 1. Blue panel pulls to right, extending the brochure horizontally, which opens up the 2nd spread. A final panel is revealed as you pull the blue panel further. The accordion fold quickly pulls the brochure back to the spread showing the 3 colored tabs. It’s easy to thumb through the remaining color coded tab/panels. Awesome and complex self-mailer!

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Cougar Super Smooth TextInk4c/4cSizeFlat: 25.375 x 7 | Final: 4 x 7ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Hand Fold and Spot Glue; Sort, Tray, Mail

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