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Diagonal Cross Fundraising Invitation

Here’s another faux brand piece by Domtar. It shows the superiority of uncoated paper for special occasions like Galas, Silent Auctions, Fundraising Events and Campaigns and more.

This piece features a variation of the iron cross fold with 4 diagonal flaps. I love the color scheme with the faint blue line pattern in the dark blue. It has a unique locking technique with 2 simple die cut slits that hold the piece together. It opens up to an angled window partially showing the central picture. Very classy piece.

Basic Specs:EnvelopeCardPaper80 lb. Cougar Super Smooth Cover100 lb Cougar Super Smooth CoverInk2 PMS/ 1 PMS UV inks4cUV/4cUV + 2PMSSizeFlat: 18 x 11.75 | Final: 8 x 57.6875 x 4.75ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Insert Card; Hand Fold; Pack

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