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Custom Window Mailer

USADATA is a $10+ million marketing consulting firm that specializes in data and marketing services. They help more than 100,000 clients buy data lists, launch email marketing campaigns, run retargeting ads and more. SL360 is there flagship software program that allows users pull list counts with thousands of criteria selectors. This mailer demonstrates to their clients what direct mail can and should be. Enclosed in a postal approved polybag, it shows off a unique window that reveals the New York City lights through their logo. Solid PMS blue keeps the brand consistent. The recipient can use the half moon thumb cut to pull out the interior bi-fold brochure. This office-sized poster serves as advertising real estate at their client’s desk all year long.

Basic SpecsSleeveBrochurePaper100 lb. Gloss Cover80 lb. Gloss CoverInk1/0 PMS Blue4c/4c + OA Gloss AqueousSizeFinal Size: 8.125 x 6Flat: 16 x 5.75 | Final: 8 x 5.75ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Glue Sleeve; Cut, Score, Fold Brochure; Inkjet Sleeve; Insert Brochure into Sleeve; Insert Sleeve into Polybag; Sort, Tray, Mail

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