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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Building Campaign Brochure

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia launched a building campaign for the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care. There’s something about children with severe illnesses that really touch our hearts. I love the theme “Building Hope”. The hospital decided to focus on donor testimonials from patients family members, friends and doctors. There aren’t any calls to action or even a phone number. Just a web address to donate. I think the testimonials do enough talking…

The brochure opens to a picture of the hospital with little perforated windows on each page. The graphics team used the colors from the building trim line to be the colors of the windows. Each perforated window has one rounded corner showing the color underneath. Readers implicitly know that you pull up on the windows, which tears through the micro perforations. Underneath each window is a photo of the donor, patient or family with a brief testimonial. It’s actually a very simple piece but extremely resourceful and unique.

Basic Specs:Paper14 pt. Matte C2S CoverPages4 pageInk4c/4cSizeFlat Sheet: 33.875 x 11 | Flate Size: 17 x 11 |Final: 8.5 x 11ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Glue; Hand Fold

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