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Chicago Bulls Brochure

When you’re selling $10,000 / per night suites for corporate events and high income individuals, a few extra dollars on print is recouped in one night. The Chicago Bulls splurged on this custom brochure.

First of all, it was mailed out in a premium black envelope with metallic ink. Each page is coated with soft touch aqueous, giving it a soft velvet feel. Soft touch has one of the lowest gloss readings (aka it’s as dull as it gets), so to create some visual contrast, they used a spot gloss UV varnish on each spread to emphasize pictures and design elements. Gloss UV varnish is the budget option as compared to Gloss UV coating but in this case still achieves a lot of contrast. Towards the back of the booklet the calendar and catering menu were creatively put into a extended, gate fold spread.

Having watched a game from one of these suites, I will say it’s am amazing experience with  all-you-can-eat food, stocked fridges, full liquor cabinet and a dessert cart that comes by during the 3rd quarter…Oh yeah and the game was good too.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 100 lb. Gloss Cover | Body: 100 lb. Gloss TextInk4c/4c + PMS Yellow, PMS Black + Gloss UV Varnish + Soft Touch Aqueous CoatingSize6.25 x 6.25 opens to 12.5 x 6.25 with a 25 x 6.25 gatefold spread

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