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Baxter Clinimix Injection Brochure

Baxter is a $10 Billion health care company that provides pharmaceutical equipment and supplies to hospitals and health care facilities. Products like Clinimix injections and the Exactamix Compounder improve the efficiency in hospitals and standardize treatment. In layman’s terms, this software allows nurses and technicians mix IV solutions via a computer screen. The machine automatically mixes the proteins, lipids, etc. into the IV bag. I can see how this product is very useful because if different technicians performed this operation manually there would a be a huge variance. Great product to improve quality of care.

This custom die cut brochure is geared towards marketing to hospital management. The theme “Better Together” is symbolized by the die cut puzzle piece. The puzzle piece gate folds open to a large spread that highlights various stats and sell points. There is an large pocket for supplement literature and pharma rep business card. I almost laughed out loud when I realized that the graphic designer put two thumbs on the front spread. They probably were looking for a clever way to instruct the recipient on how to hold/open the brochure. Sometimes you gotta do that…

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Matte CoverInk4c/4c + Overall Satin AqueousSizeFlat: 32 x 17 | Inside Spread: 32 x 8.5 | Final: 13.9375 x 8.5ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Glue; Gatefold

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