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Porsche Lineup Mailer

Porsche is arguably the top luxury sports car in the US with three of their six models in the top ten. As we know getting something in the mail builds brand loyalty, and Porsche used this clever mailer to do just that. Porsche doesn’t send you a flimsy postcard. Porsche send you a custom slideout mailer with die cut cars and a personalized roll out letter. At the bottom of the letter, there is a perforated BRE for a loyal customer to update their contact info. Brilliant design in everything they do…Porsche.

Basic Specs:SleeveSlideoutPaper100 lb. Matte CoverInk4c/4c + Overall Satin AqueousSizeFlat: 17.25 x 8 | Final: 8.5 x 5.515 x 8.5

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