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FixMix Retail Packaging

Spartan Brands is a $12 million haircare product manufacturer based in New York City. Beautiful Nutrition, now known as LifeLab, was one of their brands that specialized in skin and hair care. The Fix Mix Conditioner Booster Frizz is an additive that helps straighten and untangle hair. With placement in all major discount store retailers, the Fix Mix product line need to standout on the shelf. The lemon scented product, featured in these pictures, has a beautiful and clean look. There’s a cute little platform for the bottle with a yellow backdrop that looks like a lemon. Despite major shifts to online sales, if your products are in stores, the packaging needs to stand out.

Basic SpecsPaper20 pt. Carolina C2S CoverInkPMS 102, 2266, 2293, 1375, Black + Overall Satin Aqueous CoatingSizeFlat: 6.25 x 12.25 | Final: 3.125 x 2.25 x 4.125ProcessFoil Stamped; Die Cut; Strip; Form and Hand Glue


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