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USPS Leaf Mailer

If you haven’t received the USPS Irresistible mail campaign, you’re missing out! As marketers move to digital platforms, USPS is trying to demonstrate how digital and direct mail work together. They create Faux Brands in different product categories to help marketers visualize campaigns in their own space. These pieces feature specialty printing (folding, textured, die cut shapes, scents), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Near Field Communication (NFC), QR codes, Video, Share Mail and more.

USPS created a faux brand, Beyond Cubicle, to showcase how to execute an interactive direct mail campaign for office furniture. The green envelope stands out in the mail because it’s full of life and probably reminds me of money. Raised UV gloss coating makes the water drops on the envelope shine and pops off the leaf. Soft touch coating on the leaf makes it feel real. Notice how the flap is die cut in the shape of the leaf. Inside there’s a card printed on a recycled stock with a pop-up pen holder. It prompts you to download their app to enjoy an augmented reality experience. This helps them collect your information, measure your dwell times and other useful marketing data.

Basic Specs:EnvelopeCardPop OutPaper100 lb. Matte Text100 lb. Uncoated Speckletone Cover French Paper16 Pt. C1S CoverInk4cUV/4vUV + Overall Soft Touch Aqueous Coating + Spot Raised UV Gloss Coating4c/4c4c/4cSizeFinal: 9 x 58.5 x 4.6253.375 x 3.375 x 3.375ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Convert Envelope; Cut to size Card; Die Cut and Glue Autobottom Pop Out Box; Spot Glue Pop Out Box; Insert Card and Flat Box into Envelope; Sort, Tray, Mail

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