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USPS Die Cut Window Postcard

The United States Post Office invests millions into marketing their direct mail services to businesses. Everything from digital ads, youtube videos, tv spots, responsive website, and yes, direct mail too. This clever postcard encourages you to visit their resource website ( to gain access to direct mail case studies, infographics, articles and white papers. I recently learned that “70% of readers say that catalogs encourage them to look at a company’s website.”

Basic SpecsPaper100 lb. Gloss CoverInk4cUV/4cUV + 2 PMS + Spot UV Gloss Varnish + Soft UV CoatingSizeFlat: 12 x 10.5 | Final: 6 x 10.5ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Fold and Glue; Inkjet Address; Sort, Tray, Mail

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