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UC Annual Report Diagonal Steps

Words & Pictures is a marketing agency that focuses on internal organizational communications. One of their long-term clients was the University of Chicago. They designed this cutting-edge (no pun intended) Annual Report featuring a die-cut synthetic paper cover wrap.

The University of Chicago’s Department of Surgery issued there annual report with a big announcement about the opening of the Center for Care and Discovery in 2013. The Center was a $700 million investment with 28 new surgical suites, and 240 private inpatient and intensive care beds. This book highlights the 2012 surgery stats, community outreach stories, achievements, new research and graduating class list. This is an important marketing tool that went out to stakeholders, donors, alumni, etc.

One of the most unique front covers I’ve ever seen. It’s printed on a translucent plastic stock which looks and feels smooth, cool and cutting edge. Diagonal steps display the three critical stages for the development of the new Center. The translucent stock adds dimension and builds anticipation because you can see the building through the layers. Throughout the book, you’ll notice glued in 4 pagers that are cut short to help the reader naturally flip to the key stories. The first 4 pager is a dramatic photo of the new building. This was definitely a sweet idea.

Basic Specs:Outer WrapBookPaper104 lb. Yupo BLR-150 TranslucentCover: 80 lb. Utopia II Dull Cover| Body: 100 lb. Utopia II Dull TextInk4cUC/4cUV + PMS Silver, Red + Spot UV Gloss Coating4c/4c + PMS Silver + Overall Gloss AqueousSizeFlat: 35 x 11 | Final: 8.625 x 11Final Size: 8.625 x 11ProcessDie Cut and Strip Outer Wrap; Cut to Size Cover and Body; Collate Body Pages; Perfect Bind

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