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Trump Hotel Brochure 2

I hesitated to post this brochure because of all the controversy surrounding President Trump….lemme guess I’m uninvited to the White House too? All jokes aside this post is focused on the printing and marketing. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll remember a previous post regarding a similar brochure for Trump Hotel Chicago.

This mini brochure speaks luxury from the premium McCoy Sappi paper to the foil stamping to the soft touch coating. They pretty much threw in all the bells and whistles on this piece. As compared to the previous brochure, there is a consistent visual and copy theme of the river. Notice how the gloss UV coating creates a background watermark of water flowing. I’d like to meet the designer who had the vision for this project.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 120 lb. McCoy Silk Cover | Body: 100 lb. McCoy Silk TextInkCover: 2/2 Black and Silver Metallic Ink + Soft Touch Aqueous |

Body: 6cUV/6cUV + PMS Blue + Silver + Spot UV Gloss CoatingSizeFlat: 11.5 x 9 | Final: 5.75 x 9ProcessCut Sheets; Foil Stamp and Emboss; Die Cut, Strip, Glue Covers; Cut to Size Body Pages; Fold; Stitch; Trim to Size

Blog2 Trump Hotel Brochure 2

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