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Sappi Slide Out Mailer

As part of the Power of Paper (POP) campaign, Sappi created a custom die cut envelope and slide out mailer. This mailer announces a new online resource for marketers It’s filled with studies/statics on the sense of touch, direct mail best practices and more. The slide out mailer has a small semicircle thumb cut out with an arrow showing what direction to pull. The pull out panel stops/locks so that the entire piece remains one. Then a roll out panel opens to a final spread that features raised UV coating and details on the new resource.

Basic SpecsPaper100 lb. McCoy Silk CoverInk4c/4c + PMS Blue + PMS Red + Satin and Gloss Uv Varnish + Raised Gloss UV CoatingSizeFlat: 24 x 7 | Final: 9 x 7ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Fold; Hand Glue; Insert into Envelop; Inkjet; Sort, Tray, Mail

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