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Pep Boys Pocket Mailer

Brand loyalty is becoming a science these days. I’ve seen a few people on Linkedin with the job title Marketing Loyalty Specialist. Rewards is an obvious way of building customer loyalty which is what Pep Boys is trying to do with this mailer. Pep Boys sent me these types of mailers every week for a few months when I first moved up to Chicago.

This self-mailer holds folded and perforated coupons in a glued pocket with a tipped on $30 reward coupon. Pocket does not need to be die cut. The perforated coupons have a nice display because they are cut and folded to create steps in the final folded form.

Basic Specs:MailerBrochureCardPaper80 lb. Matte Cover80 lb. Matte Text130 Matte CoverInk4c/4c + PMS Black4c/4c + PMS Black4c/4c + PMS BlackSizeFlat: 7.125 x 14 Final: 7.125 x 5.5Flat: 5.25 x 18 Final: 5.25 x 53.375 x 2.125ProcessCut, Score, Fold, Glue Mailer to create pocket; Cut and Fold Brochure; Insert Brochure; Tip on Card; Spot and Line Glue Shut; Sort, Tray, Mail

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