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Mather Lifeways Circular Die Cut Mailer

Mather Lifeways is a small to midsize elderly community based in Evanston, IL. They brand themselves as a “Life Plan Community” reframing the experience of retirement to be exciting, fun and rewarding. They continue to be recognized for their advance technology and research. It’s not surprising that their marketing is modern, high-end and follows their positive, lively narrative of growing old.

The mailer shines as the light reflects of the bubbles coated with gloss UV coating. Solid branding with the a rich PMS orange. A circular cut tab complements the bubble theme and practically helps you open the mailer. Imagery features well-dressed, active, happy elderly people in various states of enjoyment. Instead of retirement they call it “Repriorment” – another great use of advertising portmanteau. The center spread provides some more inspirational copy and a perforated reply card. I’d definitely be drawn to give them a call if my parents were ready for retirement.

Basic Specs:Paper100 lb. Sterling Premium Gloss CoverInk4cUC/4cUV + PMS Orange + Spot Matte Varnish + Spot Raised UV CoatingSizeFlat: 26.375 x 6 | Final: 9.5 x 6ProcessDie Cut; Score; Perforate; Fold; Spot Glue; Inkjet; Sort, Tray, Mail

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