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Marlboro Wild West Mailer

Living in the moment. Adventure. Marlboro is drawing a correlation between their brand and this type of lifestyle.

Helicopter tours + drag racing + white water rafting = Marlboro.

The recipients of this mailer are encouraged to visit to enter a contest to win a trip. Of course they have to fill out a form with all the necessary info Marlboro needs to marketing the hell out of them. Birthday, smoking preferences, brand preferences, usage amounts, etc. As usual, they throw in coupons for a pack of cigs for about one dollar.

The red envelope is a clear give away that this is from Marlboro. Inside, this wild west themed brochure features playing cards and extreme sports imagery. Double gate folds builds drama into the piece with various spreads making it a process to open the mailer. The final spread features 2 pockets on the outside panels. One pocket has a z-fold brochure and the second has perforated coupons. Overall the printing is spectacular. The mailer features spot gloss and dull UV varnishes, and the brochure and coupon feature strikethrough matte UV varnish with overall gloss UV coating.

Basic Specs:MailerBrochure/CouponEnvelopePaper80 lb. Bright White Gloss Cover100 lb. Gloss Text100 lb. Gloss TextInk4cUV/4cUV + Spot Gloss and Dull UV Varnish4cUC/4cUv + Spot Strikethrough Matte UV Varnish + Overall Gloss UV Coating2 Color PMSSizeFlat Size: 29.875 x 8 | Inside Spread: 19.875 x 8 | Final Size: 5 x 8Flat Size: 12 x 4 | Final Size: 7 x 48.5 x 5.125ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Hand Glue Mailer, Brochure and Coupon; Hand Fold Brochure and Coupon; Insert Coupon and Brochure into Mailer Pockets; Hand Fold Mailer; Insert Mailer into Converted Envelope; Sort, Tray and Mail

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