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Marlboro Red 83s Mailer

Marlboro started revived marketing of the 83s 2012 through 2015. Same tobacco blend as Reds but smaller diameter that creates a stronger draw. This mailer features die cuts, custom envelope, coupons and UV printing.

Basic SpecsEnvelopeMailerCouponPaper100 lb. Gloss Text10 pt. C2S Cover80 lb. Gloss CoverInkK + PMS Red/0c + Gloss UV Coating4c/4c +

Spot UV Gloss CoatingPMS + 4c/PMS + 4c +

Spot UV Gloss CoatingSize9.5 x 6Flat: 27 x 6 |

Final: 9 x 6Flat: 10 x 4.75 |

Final: 3.3 x 4.75ProcessConvert Envelope; Die Cut, Strip, Fold, Glue Mailer; Cut, Fold, Insert Coupon; Insert All Parts into Envelope; Label, Sort, Tray, Mail

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