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Lincoln Flipper Brochure

Does your favorite car brand try to impress you? Lincoln’s marketing creates a unique experience of high quality, attention to detail and innovative technology; a foretaste of the new automobile. Whether you’re in the market to buy a car or not, this marketing piece impresses the Lincoln brand in your mind. Introducing the 2018 Lincoln Navigator with a custom die-cut, continuous flipper brochure that was mailed in a branded stay-flat. The last spread of the brochure contains an NFC chip for andriod phones and a QR code for iphones, which brings up a video commercial. The pictures don’t do this one justice. You have to watch the video.

For iPhone users: Take a picture of the QR code below, and your iPhone will automatically pull up the video commercial on youtube.


Basic Specs:BrochureEnvelopePaper130 lb. Silk Cover130 lb. Silk CoverInk4cUV/4cUV + PMS Gray + Dull VarnishPMS Black + PMS Grey + OA Satin AqueousSize6.875 x 118.125 x 11.1875ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Hand Glue; Insert Brochure Into Envelope; Seal; Inkjet Image Address; Sort, Tray, Mail

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