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JBU Masters Program Embossed Brochure

Graduate school enrollment peaked during the Great Recession. Students who couldn’t find well paying jobs opted to get more education and wait for a bull labor market. John Brown University developed a series of brochures to promote their graduate programs to undergraduate students, alumni and other prospective students.

Graduate school is a much bigger decision than undergrad because it costs more and graduate program reputations matter to employers. JBU developed marketing collateral that really speaks to the quality of education. There is a legal, professional feel to the blue linen paper stock. The embossed white letters and  logo add to the premium feel of the brochure. It communicates that JBU is investing in their students. The body pages feature pictures and broad stroke selling points. It’s not a stand alone marketing tool but more like a leave behind. The back page has a pocket for small documents and slits for a business card.

Basic Specs:PaperCover: 111 lb. Blue Linen Cover | 100 lb. Gloss TextInkCover: Multiple Hits Opaque White | Body: 4c/4cSizeCover- Flat: 8.875 x 8.5 Final: 5.5 x 8.5 |

Body- Flat: 10.875 x 8.5 Final: 5.4375 x 8.5ProcessEmboss Cover; Die Cut and Strip Cover; Hand Glue Cover Pocket; Cut to Size Body Pages; Stitch

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