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Impact Sleeve + Brochures

Impact started in 1999 as a managed print services company. Over the last 2 decades, they have grown with the times buy adding IT and digital document solutions. The company mission is to provide strategic, secure and cost efficient solutions for information and document workflow. This promotional piece features two color foil stamping, foil laminated sheets, soft touch lamination and laser-cutting.

Basic SpecsSleeveCardsPaper24 pt Deep Black Neenah Folding Board24 pt C2S Cover + Silver Foil Laminated 1 sideInkRed and Silver FoilK/ PMS + Silver Foil StampingSizeFlat: 12.2 x 8 | Final: 6 x 6 x .25.875 x 5.875ProcessLaser Cut, Strip and Glue Sleeve; Cut to Size Cards; Insert 5 cards into Sleeve

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