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Focal Point Double Parallel Fold Brochure

Focal Point is a Chicago based lighting manufacturer that specializes in high-end, indoor LED lights. Interior design for offices and luxury residential  is all about creating the right ambiance. Dramatic imagery combined with product specs helps inspire and educate contractors and architects alike.

This hand-sized brochure features a nuts and bolts photo of the product with a black background on the front page. It opens up with a right angle fold to a elegant, pristine white background that features the product and companions. Then the brochure opens vertically, with the first of two parallel folds, to a beautiful scenic shot of the lights in action. The final parallel fold opens vertically to a full spec sheet with lumen outputs, finishes and more. They created a step by step experience: 1) Dark display of the product hardware 2) The lights “turn on” with finished product and heavenly white backdrop 3) Full spread scene shot that builds vision 4) All the details you need to know to order.

Basic Specs:Paper80 lb. McCoy Silk TextInk4c/4c + Dull Auqeous CoatingSizeFlat: 14 x 14 | Final: 3.5 x 7ProcessCut to Size; Fold

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