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Du Pont Brochure 2013

When your incentive program includes a 1 week, all expenses paid, vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina, the program really has to build the hype. Du Pont sent this program to 1,000 top sales performers in their Crop Protection Industry. International agricultural fertilizer sales gotta be a big money maker  to warrant this type of trip.

It takes 2 to tango, so in similar fashion this brochure has 2 parts. The outer sleeve is printed on a matching uncoated stock with a thumb notch showing the brochure inside. The brochure cover is die cut around the dancers and embossed on the words “Buenos Aires.” This is an elegant brochure with vibrant colors that contrast the timeless, black and white photography. It captures the latin spirit and the classic Argentine mystique.

Basic Specs:SleeveBrochurePaper80 lb. Cougar CoverCover: 100 lb. Cougar Cover | Body: 100 lb. Cougar TextInk4cUV/4cUV4cUV/4cUVSizeFlat: 10.75 x 15.5       Final Size: 10.75 x 7.25Flat Size: 27.5 x 7 | Final Size: 10.5 x 7ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Glue Sleeve; Emboss, Die Cut, Strip Covers; Trim to Size Body; Stitch; Hand Insert into Sleeve

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